President's Message

             We the members of Pewe Social Welfare Society, we are working for those who do not have access to the basic resources towards development. Our organization works for the less privileged people of a small and relatively known village named Pewe, which is situated at some 250km away from Mumbai, in Maharashtra’s Konkan region.

            The stark disparity between the flourishing and affluent people settled abroad and the ones, living in pewe in poor condition made us form this group. Our aim is to reduce this gap by providing opportunities and facilities to our people. PSWS as we called it, its one of a kind group, people from around the globe, settled or migrated to different location for employment, came together and nodded to the idea of building Pewe and seeding the change. It was formed in July 2015 and celebrating its successful 4th anniversary this year.

           We feel proud that despite less attention by the authorities, our elders have done a good amount of welfare works. We are taking their legacy forward. We are purely charity-oriented group hence none of the members is paid salary or commission. By the grace of the Almighty nobody expects so. We work by gathering funds, and amount collected is immediately put to use for welfare works. So far by the grace of the Almighty works like, reconstructing water tank, installation of borewells, repairing of water tanks and all pipelines, building a graveyard boundary wall, providing vazifa for around fourty five families along with medical support one a monthly basis, fulfilling requirement from school at our village, so on and so forth. We have brought people together and we believe that’s our biggest achievement of all.

However we aim to spread the good work and reach out to every household and every individual in need. Education, health, infrastructure and extra curricular activities like sports too are in the realm of action so that we could be instrumental in growth and betterment from all the aspects of life.

Please come forward and join our hands in making life smoother, easier and worth living for our people in a neglected and remote part. Let’s bring them closer.

– Akhtar Mohammed Khan
  Pewe Social Welfare Society

Our Core Committee

Mr. Akhtar Mohammed Khan
President – MENA

Mr. Ibrahim Usman Khan
Executive President – India

Mr. Afzal Khan Sarguro
Vice President

Mr. Sadiq Abdul Latif Khan
Executive Vice President

Mr. Shahid Abdullah Tulve
General Secretary

Mr. Nisar Usman Khan
Joint Secretary

Mr. Bilal Khan Sarguroh

Mr. M. Hussain Mukri

Mr. Shafique Khan Sarguroh

Mr. Gayasali Mahmood Khan

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