With Allah’s mercy and generosity of our brothers and sister our Zakat collection has been flowing in commendably. Transparent handling of funds so that the money goes to the deserving at the right time with pure intentions of charity

Zakat fund collection

100% donation policy.

Your hard earned money is transformed into sawab-e-jariya as your charity is used to convey monthly Aid and medical aid for over 45 families in need.

Education and Medical emergencies are being the priorities therefore we are also fulfilling requests for education support, medical support and employment support under a systematic and organized process.

So far we have supported over 30 Student to get the education by paying their school fees directly to the school. We have also processed over 40 medical bill settlement requests, making sure the needy gets the better treatment on that too on time. Other than Education and Medical requests, we have supported 5 deserving and capable individuals to run their own business, so that they stand their own and also the community get benefited by them.

We request you to please come forward and put your share. Even a small contribution can ensure them with shelter, food clothing, medical care and education.

Our help is their hope.

May Allah accept our efforts and grant more wealth and success to those who are generous. Aameen!

Masjid Fund

The great religion of Islam has only come for the benefit of mankind, and one of Allah (S.w.T.)’s mercy on us is that He has opened for us a great door of opportunity of doing good deeds which remains open even after death. The key to this door is through charity and sacrifice.

Pewe Social Welfare Society humbly request you to lend your helping hands in contributing to its Masjid Fund for Pewe Jama Masjid, situated in village Pewe, District Ratnagiri, Maharashtra State, India, around 250km from Mumbai. The mosque was built in the year 2001. It is the only Jama Masjid which serves a large section of the Muslims in the village and its vicinities by opening its doors for the Five Daily Prayers, Weekly Friday Khutbah, Eid Prayer Services, Taraweeh and Tahajud Prayers, Iftaar & Suhuur during Ramadan, Complete Funeral Services and Hosting of Marriage Ceremonies. People who wish to put their money to better use with a hope to have sawab-e-jariya are most welcome to come forward for Allah’s house.

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